Thank you

On Sunday, May 20th, we had a special Mass at Saint Mary's in Melrose in honor of the Knights of Columbus. The K of C Mass was a great event where Fr. Toomey thanked all the Knights for their service in our local community and for their broader global missions. Our current grand knight Dean Delillo gave a great speech at the end of Mass describing the Knight's mission, our charitable giving and encouraging new members to join. It was great getting a new member, too!

Also, if you know of anyone interested in joining the Knights, please reach out to Jim Regan or Dean DeLillo. Here are a few photos from the event. (Clockwise from the top left - 1) Dean DeLillo, Grand Knight: Knights mission and recruitment speech, 2) Mike DiPirro, Dean DeLillo, Bob Albers, 3. Brian Elenbaas and Jim Regan and 4) Bob Albers, Dean DeLillo, Mike DiPirro, Brian Elenbaas, Eric Anderson).